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What is demonstrative evidence? Use our services to visualize and present the facts of your case. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each case that comes through our doors.


Use simple or complex animations to give your audience the opportunity to see events in motion, something not possible with conventional methods. Walk through a crime or accident scene, or see the many steps of a surgery come alive.

Custom 2D animation of the steps of an anterior cervical discectomy and replacement, augmented with the client’s pre-operative MRIs and post-operative x-rays.

An animated visual to illustrate the vast difference between percentages of probability.

Custom 2D animation of the steps of an anterior lumbar interbody fusion.

A child fell out of a fourth floor window. This 3D reconstruction of the accident scene gives the jury an all-around view of the room, how the window operates, important measurements, and the ability to install window bars.

Audio / Video

Use the services of our expert technicians to present your audio and visual content in the most optimal way possible.

  • On location video depositions
  • Editing of deposition, surveillance, inspection, and dash cam videos
  • Day-in-the-Life/Impact on Life
  • “Drive throughs”
  • Settlement presentations
  • Still prints from video
  • Video and CD duplication
  • Digitize audio recordings in multiple formats, including WAV and MP3
  • Filter out hiss, click, pop and other unwanted sounds
  • Balance of tone levels to equalize volumes
  • Cell phone call history and information extraction
  • Juan Rosado – Senior Trial Technician

    Trial Graphics

    We produce a vast array of custom graphic exhibits for all types of civil and criminal matters, including cases involving complex commercial transactions, personal injury, medical malpractice, real estate and zoning litigation, family law and divorce, employment and sex discrimination, and more. Address these issues with custom:

    • Timelines and calendar chronologies
    • Annotated aerial photos and maps
    • Text isolations and call-outs
    • Graphs, charts, and diagrams
    • Magnetic parenting time calendars
    • Damages summaries
    • Pain and suffering charts
    • Time-unit boards


    Our team of graphic artists work together with our production department to customize your exhibits for optimal presentation. Our graphics are sized to specification and can be displayed digitally or on traditional or magnetic boards.

    Illustrated floor plan of an apartment used as part of a tevis claim in a divorce case.

    Isolation exhibit: drawing attention to specific, critical portions of a document.

    This chronology shows appointments, procedures performed, and medications taken over a period of time in a calendar format.

    Parenting time calendar: this magnetic exhibit comes with a variety of magnetic pieces that can be arranged to create different schedules. A valuable tool in resolving parenting disputes. Also available in 12-month format.

    A chronology of multiple admissions to different facilities during the course of the plaintiff’s treatment.

    An aerial view of the scene of an accident. Magnetic, to scale vehicle pieces are added for hands-on recreation of the accident.

    This custom timeline depicts the client’s extensive medical history. Events like doctor appointments, surgeries, radiology, physical therapy, and many others are color coded and arranged for greatest clarity and visual impact.

    An interactive magnetic exhibit of an operating room. The magnetic pieces allow for moveable placement of where the people, equipment, and other relevant objects were at the time of surgery.

    Medical Illustrations

    Our exhibits are designed to tell a story in the most visually effective manner. Each member of our creative team of med-legal illustrators works directly with you and your experts to craft custom, case-specific visuals of anatomy and medical procedures that are easily explainable to a layperson.

    We specialize in:

    • Surgical storyboards, a step-by-step breakdown of your client’s surgery taken directly from their operative report;
    • Radiological film colorizations, drawing on top of your client’s films to map out their exact anatomy;
    • Illustrations (generic or custom) of medical conditions, pain management injections, summary of injuries, and anatomy.

    We also invite you to visit our library of generic exhibits for sale.

    All of our illustrations are sized to specification and can be displayed digitally or on traditional boards to meet your case-specific needs.

    Contact us for review and pricing for your custom exhibits.

    A custom surgical storyboard of an ACL reconstruction. This is also available as a generic exhibit.

    A custom medical illustration depicting the deterioration of the gallbladder and pancreas with comparison to the normal anatomy. A missed gallstone led to the eventual death of the pancreas.

    Colorization of a MRI of the lumbar spine, show casing the disc injuries at L3-4, L4-5, and L5-S1.

    A custom surgical storyboard visualizing the injuries to the shoulder, which included a rotator cuff tear, and the subsequent repair with suture anchors.

    A custom surgical storyboard illustrating the repair of the peroneus brevis tendon and the surrounding ligaments. The repair involved multiple sutures, augmented with an internal brace.

    A custom surgical storyboard depicting tears of both menisci and the partial meniscectomies done for repair. Generic exhibits of this type of surgery are also available.

    Colorization of a pre-operative x-ray showing a displaced trimalleolar ankle fracture.

    “Summary of injuries” exhibit detailing the full body injuries as described by an autopsy report


    Photography is a major component of the preparation of demonstrative evidence. Whether you need to record damage, document a scene, or preserve the changing nature of scars and injuries, properly made photographs can be crucial to the development of a case. Utilize our years of experience to capture quality photographs of:

  • Scarring (acute and residual)
  • Accident scenes and vehicle damage
  • Aerials and panoramas
  • Defects (architectural, construction, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Duplication and enlargements
  • Forensic photography
  • Hazardous conditions (road, property, etc.)
  • Night visibility studies
  • Property damage
  • Reverse projection photogrammetry
  • Sight-line studies
  • Radiology

    Radiology plays a key role in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Our team, including an on-call radiologist, can assist you with the most effective solution for handling all types of medical studies, from captioning the anatomy to utilizing the best presentation method.

  • X-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and mammogram image enlargements and captioning
  • 3D volume renderings from CT studies, including still images and movie clips
  • Mammography timelines and enlargements
  • Radiology CD duplication
  • Sagittal and axial views of a cervical MRI arranged on an exhibit. Labels can be customized to include anatomy and injuries.

    Post-operative x-rays of the leg, labeled to identify the anatomy and surgical hardware.

    Direct comparison of mammogram images across a span of years. These exhibits can be used as tools to show growth of breast tumors, misdiagnosis, and the passage of time.

    A cervical spine CT 3D volume render customized with rotation, zoom, cropping, and annotations. This enables viewers to see the injury from multiple directions and identify different structure easily.

    Images taken from post-operative CT studies of the cervical and lumbar spine to best show surgical hardware.

    X-rays of the wrist with anatomical labels and red arrows to draw attention to the radial fracture.

    Still images of a knee CT 3D volume render, annotated with anatomical labels.

    A 3D volume render of a knee CT, recorded with 360º rotation to enable viewing of the fracture from all angles. This is especially helpful for visualizing complex fractures.

    Trial Support

    Digital Trials

    Our expert technicians work hand-in-hand with attorneys to leverage the most recent upgrades in courtroom and legal technology to engage judges and juries with state-of-the-art digital trials. With the fast-paced advancements in technology, many attorneys request the services of our technicians to assist with the smooth display of their visuals. It is important that your opening statements, examinations, and closing arguments are seamless and persuasive. Any distraction due to technical problems can often derail even the most seasoned trial attorney. With our help, you can enjoy real time, worry-free technical support.



    “Hot-seating” is our premier in-court service package. When we hot-seat a case, we digitize all documents, deposition videos, and any demonstrative exhibits you have, and one of our seasoned trial support specialists joins your litigation team before trial to:

    • Organize and present large quantities of documents, photographs, video and audio, quickly and efficiently;
    • Call out and highlight selected text and images at your direction;
    • Make numerous annotations to text and images on the fly;
    • Juxtapose multiple exhibits, such as different drafts of a document or medical illustrations, simply and clearly, with side-by-side display options;
    • Show and edit deposition video clips


    Mediation & Settlement Brochures

    “Mediation is the new trial.” We prepare mediation brochures that show your adversary as well as the mediator that you are going the extra step to effectively present your case and are truly geared up for trial.

    The graphics and illustrations in the brochure are the same ones you will be using for witness testimony and are chosen to compliment the written narrative of your client’s case. Video settlement documentaries are another option available to maximize the telling of your client’s story.








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